Our values
Our operation is based on our common values and behaviour, and we are establishing a unified corporate culture for the MVM Group along these values.
We are responsible for our colleagues, society and environment, considering the following as our common values:
  • Integrity – We do what we say
  • Openness – We say what we mean.
  • Trust and mutual respect – We treat others as we wish to be treated.
  • Courage – We do and say what we believe in.
  • Social responsibility – We act for the long-term interests of the society.
Our behaviour
Focusing on our values every day, we are guided by the following key behaviours:
  • Customer orientation
  • Drive for performance
  • Change initiation
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Diversity and development
  • Commitment to our employees
Our aim is to shape our work environment bearing the health and well-being of our employees in mind. Therefore, we seek to establish the best possible work conditions. We provide modern equipment to ensure safety at work, set up ergonomically designed workplaces with professional IT, office and supporting infrastructure.
We provide assistance to our employees in planning and managing their careers, and they can participate in various training programmes designed to develop their skills and abilities. We offer outstanding career building opportunities by providing our employees the possibility to learn and gain experience within the international group.

Code of conduct

Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. takes pride in being a company whose operations are based on the principles of fair competition, strict compliance with legal regulations, and respect for the individual. The keys to the Company’s success and its good reputation, both within and without Hungary, are the knowledge, experience and talents of its employees, along with their adherence to the values of the Company.

A relationship of trust with our business partners (customers, suppliers, service providers, etc.) and with the relevant governmental bodies and supervisory authorities can only be maintained in the long run through the personal commitment of each employee, who all display excellent performance and a high standard of personal integrity.

The creation of this Code of Conduct demonstrates that our Company adopts and promotes the moral values and principles which facilitate strengthening and improving interpersonal relationships, performing our job to the best of our abilities, attaining our shared goals, and preserving and enhancing our traditions and good reputation along with our professional and organisational integrity.

Teamwork is the main priority in our corporate culture.
We appreciate and recognize one another’s knowledge and efforts, and we believe that we can achieve more by working together. We trust one another, since we all contribute to good teamwork with our talent, abilities and active cooperation. Therefore, the success of the community also becomes the private success of everyone.
Family-friendly workplace
Our success and development primarily rest upon our colleagues. We support efforts to create balance between work and personal life, and we review our rules regularly for this purpose. In positions where it is possible, we offer flexible working hours and additional vacation allowances. Our colleagues' also receive various fringe benefits, such as food vouchers, health or pension fund contributions, and additional insurance policies. We regularly organize family days and other company events for our colleagues and their families, providing valuable and pleasant entertainment for children and adults. Ensuring equal opportunity is of prime importance: to this effect we design solutions to establish accessible workplaces, to create jobs for the disabled, and to reintegrate women returning from maternity leave in a comprehensive programme. The MVM Group appreciates diversity and refuses every form of discrimination. We offer our colleagues various sports and leisure activities, we make sure they participate in regular medical check-ups, and we lay great emphasis on work safety.
Regular employee feedback
Our employees’ opinion is of crucial importance to us. We regularly conduct employee opinion surveys, which provide excellent opportunities for two-way information flow.
A large-scale employee survey is taken biannually at concern level. In between, results are processed, and relying upon the findings, corrective action plans are prepared and implemented. The outcome of such corrective measures and actions is assessed by smaller-scale, specialized surveys.
Survey participation is voluntary, however, participation is encouraged as the more people are involved, the larger significance the results have, and they serve as a better indication of majority opinion.
Development opportunities
We offer various programmes and training opportunities for employees who wish to improve their expertise and skills.
Our employees can discuss their personal development targets and any related individual training requirement with their immediate superiors during their performance review. We also aim at harmonizing such development programmes with corporate goals