Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. conducts its business activity in a way that we protect the safety of our employees, people involved in our activities and the population. Besides, our activities should be in harmony with the environmental and economic interests of our scope of activities.
Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. is committed to the continuous improvement of our employees, processes and systems in order to reduce the number of work accidents and injuries to zero. Each employee of the company is personally responsible and accountable for achieving this objective. In this field, the members of the Executive Board and the managers are responsible for the supervision of their immediate subordinates.
In order to achieve our objectives:
  • we operate effective Management and Integrated Management Systems certified by an independent party, meeting the requirements of standards ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007, thus ensuring a consistent quality of our services, the continuous improvement of our consumers’ satisfaction, the improvement of health and safety conditions at work and the reduction of risks;
  • we meet all requirements stipulated by laws and regulations in connection with health and safety at work, and establish demanding internal rules in every area where there are no applicable external rules;
  • our processes are in harmony with the expectations of our customers, the requirements of the European Union and our internal regulations, and they are continuously improved;
  • we reveal, record, analyse and assess every failure concerning health and safety at work during our activity; we specify and then carry out the method of failure control, along with the measures to be taken for recovery and prevention;
  • for the sake of safe and high-quality work, we provide special trainings and further trainings for our colleagues;
  • we rely on the opinions, comments and proposals of our colleagues and business partners when improving our operational processes;
  • during all our activities, we pay special attention to protecting the health of our colleagues and the environment. We emphasize that there is personal responsibility and accountability for all our colleagues and business partners when accomplishing their tasks, and we encourage them to act in accordance with the requirements of health and work safety regulations outside the workplace as well;

We believe that we can achieve our objectives only with the collaboration and commitment of every employee and leader, who set a good example.