Compared to other fossil energy resources, by using natural gas, less amount of harmful materials are emitted into the atmosphere. Therefore, expanding the usage of natural gas is a key and sensible tool for decreasing greenhouse effect.
In cooperation with our market partners, we make steps to extend the utilization of sustainable and efficient natural gas, to encourage the usage of high-quality and energy-efficient appliances, to reinforce energy-efficiency guidance, and to develop instruction materials raising energy- and environmental awareness.
Within our Integrated Management System we operate the  ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system, thus ensuring a consistent focus and continuous improvement of the environmental conditions of our operations.
We aim at environmental awareness in whatever we do. We have started implementing the green office programme: we try to act green by selective waste collection, sound electricity consumption, reduced paper consumption and by installing watersaver appliances. Our offices are designed to utilize natural light as much as possible, and besides the green considerations, this also has a favourable effect on the general state of our colleagues.