Early Registration Process for the Auctions to be Announced in Storage Year 2018/2019 by Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd

Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd (hereinafter referred to as MFGT) offers the opportunity of early registration in relation to the capacity auctions to be announced in storage year 2018/2019 in order to facilitate participation in the auctions.

The first step of participating in capacity auctions of MFGT is indicating the intent to participate via the Registration Process during which the company intending to participate shall send the required documents to the Auctioneer.

At the capacity auctions, bids can be made by only those capacity bidders that are eligible for storage access, and whose documents submitted during the Registration Process were accepted.


In as far as the documents to be submitted as listed below are submitted to and accepted by MFGT, no further registration is required during the storage year 2018/2019, unless the documents change.



Documents to be submitted:


  • Original certificate of incorporation not older than 30 days in case of business organisations registered in Hungary and abroad, and its translated copy in Hungarian or in English (certified translation is not required in case of companies registered in Hungary, the online version by the Hungarian Ministry of Justice is accepted –  http://www.e-cegjegyzek.hu/ ) in case of business organisations registered abroad.

  • The original copy of the power of attorney (Annex No. 8.3 of the MFGT Code of Business Conduct: Storage Capacity Auction Regulation II/B, Annex No. 1 and 4) authorizing the Attorney(s)-in-fact to act during the capacity auction process on behalf of the capacity bidding company, the Bidder. The power of attorney shall clearly indicate that the attorney-in-fact is entitled to represent the capacity bidder during the Submission of Bids.

  • In case of business organisations registered in Hungary: copy of the notarised specimen signature(s) or sample signature(s) countersigned by an attorney-at-law of the authorised signatory (signatories) signing the Power of Attorney.

  • In case of business organisations registered abroad: copy and translated English or Hungarian copy of the notarised specimen signature(s) (or sample signature(s) countersigned by an attorney-at-law) of the authorised signatory (signatories) signing the Power of Attorney; or the original copy and translated English or Hungarian copy of their sample signature signed in manuscript in the presence of two witnesses, and in the latter case: a Hungarian or English copy of the signed side of a personal document belonging to the signatory (by mail or e-mail).

  • The original copy of the IT Platform (SMCS) registration form” (Annex 2)



Insofar as following the Registration Process, there is any change within the relevant storage year in the content of the above specified documents or with regard to the attorney(s)-in-fact, Bidder shall immediately send the affected and updated document to the Auctioneer, failing which Bidder may be disqualified from the auction process. Participant shall be liable for any direct or indirect damage arising from the failure to submit the updated documents, vis-a-vis the Auctioneer and to third parties.

Start of the Registration Process: Thursday, 1 March 2018, 09:00.

End of the Registration Process: Monday, 19 March 2018, 12:00.


Registration submitters will be informed by MFGT in writing on the result of the registration process.

Further registrations can be made at any time by submitting the above specified documents, however MFGT shall not be liable for any damage arising from the late submission of registration documents.

Should you have any further questions or require information in relation to the Registration Process, please consult: Hajnalka Horváth (Phone: +36 30-748-9971,  e-mail:  horvathh@mfgt.hu) and Balázs Meggyes (Phone: +36-30-718-9343, e-mail: meggyesb@mfgt.hu) sales experts.


Budapest, 28th February 2018


Annex 1: Storage Capacity Auction Regulation II/B

Annex 2: IT Platform (SMCS) registration form

Annex 3: SMCS Auction Module - System User's guide

Annex 4: Power of Attorney MFGT electronic capacity auctions