Fire in MFGT’s Gas storage Site in Hajdúszoboszló – Notice

Today morning at 4:25 AM, fire broke out in the underground gas storage site of the Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd in Hajdúszoboszló. Flames were detected at the flowline manifold’s connecting pipelines from the natural gas wells. The pipelines have been disconnected, and the gas wells being several kilometers away from the plant have also been shut down by our colleagues to prevent any further supply of gas in the lines. The cause of the fire is unknown at the moment, it is to be investigated later.


There were no personal injuries and the fire is being extinguished. Our staff, together with the professionals of the fire department, civil protection and disaster management are currently doing their best to bring the fire under control and prevent any further damage.


The gas supply of the country is secure, as the company’s other three natural gas storage sites have taken over the task of withdrawal. Therefore the traders’ natural gas requests will be fully satisfied.  Our colleagues are in continuous contact with both the operator of the national natural gas transmission system, FGSZ, and the natural gas traders in order to ensure smooth gas transmission in Hungary.


After having the fire brought under control, the company’s main tasks will include replacing and repairing the respective pipeline sections, and recovering the facility's operation within a short period time.