Daily Peak Plus Natural Gas Withdrawal Service Offer

Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd (MFGT) issues today a call for tenders for booking available, firm, daily withdrawal peak capacities for the storage year 2015/2016 from 3rd of January 2016 to 15th of January 2016.


MFGT considers this present capacities offer as a one-time offer and does not guarantee that capacities will also be offered under the same terms and conditions in the future.
Offered Capacities
MFGT offers withdrawal peak capacities with the following parameters:
1.      The following peak capacity can be booked in the storage year 2015/2016 from 3rd of January 2016 to 15th of January 2016:
withdrawal peak capacity: 73677408 kWh / day
2.      Fee of capacities offered:
withdrawal peak capacity: HUF 0.325 + VAT/ kWh / day, excluding volume fees
This service is available to System Users with Natural Gas Storage Contract for the storage year 2015/16.
The technical and commercial terms of using storage services are specified by the contract concluded upon this offer and by the MFGT Code of Business Conduct.
Evaluation of capacity requests
MFGT shall fulfil the Bidders’ capacity booking requests on a first-come, first-served basis.
This capacity offer shall by no means be deemed as a contractual commitment by MFGT towards any Bidder, and MFGT explicitly reserves the right to declare the capacity booking procedure unsuccessful within its own scope of competence.
Contracting, Terms and Conditions of Contract
Bidder shall undertake to conclude an additional contract (framework contract) as a system user with MFGT on booking daily withdrawal peak capacities in case of an accepted withdrawal peak capacity request.
The amount of Daily Peak Plus withdrawal peak capacities booked by the System User shall depend on capacity bookings submitted by the System User – and confirmed by MFGT. If the System User’s request is confirmed by MFGT, a specific contract on using Daily Peak Plus withdrawal peak capacities is concluded by and between the parties for that given day.
The basis of settlement shall be the amount of capacity confirmed.
Payment and guarantee conditions, along with the financial guarantees shall be determined according to the Code of Business Conduct of MFGT and the agreement between the parties.
Procedure for submitting capacity requests
The System User can also nominate its booking request towards MFGT for given gas days via email. In order to use Daily Peak Plus withdrawal peak capacities, System User shall submit to MFGT its additional withdrawal capacity request until 16:00 hours on the preceding gas day. Only the contact person(s) specified in the contract shall be entitled to make nominations in connection with the Daily Peak Plus withdrawal peak capacity product. MFGT shall confirm it to the System User until 17:00 hours if the Daily Peak Plus withdrawal peak capacities are available in the required quantity.
Following the reference month, MFGT shall issue the invoice based on capacity requests submitted by the System User and confirmed by MFGT. The total sum of volume fees shall be invoiced pursuant to the Tariff Decree, each month upon the actual monthly volume turnover.
Requests shall be submitted to MFGT according to the following:
e-mail (to all three addresses):         csabam@mfgt.hu, molnarnet@mfgt.hu, meggyesb@mfgt.hu
fax: +36 1 354 7045 or
by mail: Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. 1051 Budapest, Széchenyi István tér 7/8.
MFGT Daily Peak Plus withdrawal frame contract.pdf