Status September 2022

With the project entering the implementation phase, finalized research results have been incorporated into our planning and construction processes, the site has been prepared and equipment foundations are being filled up. The electrolyser/compressor unit and the buffer system are expected to arrive in autumn, ready to be placed in their final location with the construction and mechanical work to be completed by then. 

Regarding research and development, we have reached the final round of our materials technology tests and the LOHC storage technology’s semi-factory tests. Implementation has been assisted by further R&D programmes carried out in the meantime to explore the possibilities of using reservoir and industrial water, as well as the ways of using the oxygen produced during electrolysis.

The total budget of the project was revised to approximately HUF 5.266 billion, of which HUF 2.451 billion was funded by the Ministry for Technology and Innovation under the supervision of the National Research and Innovation Office.

Hungarian Gas Storage’s Project Aquamarine has started 1 February 2021

As part of the Aquamarine project Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd is intending to implement an electrolysis system with approximately 2,5 MW total performance and the corresponding hydrogen gas preparatory technology at the Kardoskut Underground Gas Storage site. Creating the system in this form carries a substantial innovative content to energy storage contept and contributes to the balance of the electricity system. By operating the electrolysis equipment, it can be ensured that instead of turning off (stopping production) renewable energy sources by using the surplus electric energy hydrogen could be produced by the decomposition of water. The hydrogen produced in this way mixed with natural gas will be utilized within the Gas Storage Ltd.’s own gas-operated equipment and reducing its own CO2 emission in this way. Furthermore, this natural gas mixed with hydrogen could be injected into the gas transmission system -strictly complying with gas quality and safety instructions – and will be part of the supply to end users. The spillover effect of the project will give ground to the widespread use of hydrogen utilization/-based technology. Through the implementation of the Aquamarine Project the Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd is strongly committed to the smart sector integration and also to playing an active role in the decarbonization processes.

The entire investment of the Aquamarine Project approximately comes to EUR 8 million, two thirds of which is tender support. The rest is provided by HGS. Due to tender support, there is a strict deadline for the project, which means that in all we have 24 months for completion including the procurement process and going live as well.





In the frame of Danube Region Strategy in 2019 Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. prepared “Sustainable Energy Storage Innovations in Danube Region Countries for the EU-Goals of the Paris Climate Agreement” study.